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Wellsure Healthcare Electric Delivery Bed WSH-1273


Without Tax: 54,000
GST: 18%
Model No: WSH-1273
Approx. Weight: 75 kg
Dimensions: 140 L x 80 W x 60 H cm
SKU: Wellsure Healthcare Electric Delivery Bed WSH-1273


Technical Dat:-
Usage/Application Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Colleges, Home
Brand Wellsure Healthcare
Model Number WSH-1273
Overall Size 1981mm x 965 mm
Mattress Platform 1880 mm x 660 mm
Minimum Height 673 mm 26.5
Maximum Height 952 mm. 37.5
Castors 125 cm
IV Rod Yes
Mattress Yes
I Deal In New Only
Country of Origin Made in India
Product Description:-

Overall Size: 1981mm x 965 mm / 78” x 38” (L x W) (Bed when fully extended)
Mattress Platform: 1880 mm x 660 mm / 74” x 26” (L x W)
Minimum Height: 673 mm 26.5
Maximum Height: 952 mm. 37.5
This table is designed for women’s obstetric and gynecological operation, Easy operation, safe and reliable, economical and quick.
Operating positions – up / down, adjustable back rest & reverse Trendelenburg position.
It adopts linear bearing to control the telescopic working table.
The bed is mounted on 125 cm dia Castors, 2with breaks.
All motion controlled with T-Motion Power Device (Actuator) & Battery backup.
Adjustable leg support and sliding grip holder.
The Height adjustment is done with Electric actuator.
ABS safety side railing are provided on 2 side of the table with detachable head Side ABS panel.
Main framework made of Epoxy Coated steel.
3 section top made of M. S. sheet pipe fitted with Bakelite sheet /S.S. Sheet covered with cushioned mattress.
High quality beautiful ABS engineering plastic head panel.
Two easy lifting guardrails (1 on each side), which are safe and reliable, and can be fixed upward and downward.
125 mm Dia noiseless castors with simultaneous braking system which locks / unlocks 2 castors with single pedal press.
Equipped with 8cm thick high quality foam Three Section mattress.
SS telescopic IV rod.
It comes with Stainless Steel Bowl.
Stainless Steel Tray.
All mild steel parts are pre-treated and powder coated finish.
Product Size: 180 L x 90 W x 60-80 H cms.

Packaging Details:-

1. One ABS Plastic Head Panel.
2. Two ABS Plastic Safety Side Railings, One Right Side & One Left Side Railing.
3. Four Wheels With Fitted In Base Trolley, Two Wheels With Breaks & Two Without Breaks.
4. One Mattress.
5. Stainless Steel Bowl.
6. Stainless Steel Tray.

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 210 × 90 × 60 cm


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